Case history



Tenaris Dalmine is the operating headquarters of Tenaris Italy. The site extends over an area of 1,523,000sqm, 540,000 of which are covered. The leading manufacturer of seamless steel pipe products, Tenaris operates in the energy, automobile and mechanical industries, supplying 950,000 tonnes of finished products.

With over 3,000 employees and 5 plants in Italy, Tenaris is an industrial presence that denotes territorial excellence. Blending quality with quantity, its vast array of services is integrated into a network of research and development centres.

This constant focus on R&D has resulted in a team of over 200 scientists and engineers dedicated to designing new products and continually improving existing ones as well as optimising manufacturing processes to satisfy the most stringent and complex client requisites.


The drive to innovate is part of Tenaris’ DNA, fuelling the search for way to improve the management of samples to be analysed from the moment they are taken to their arrival in the laboratory.

Focusing strongly on maintaining and going beyond the quality levels offered to their clients, the sample taking and analysis procedures have always been considered a vitally important phase for the company’s output. So that they can be tracked and evaluated in order of arrival, and to avoid long waits, samples have to be made traceable and coded right from when they are taken until the moment they are analysed.

To meet this requirement, Tenaris turned to SYSTEM CODE as its innovation developer to seek out a new and more efficient tracking solution for the industrial pneumatic post system.


In order to meet the requirements Tenaris gave, SYSTEM CODE proposed a RFID TAG and RFID reader system. Samples are moved around the plant using a pneumatic post system. When samples are taken they are placed directly into their own cylinder which is tagger with a RFID TAG. The RFID TAG holds all of the data of the department of origin and the date that the sample was taken.

When the cylinder arrives at its destination the RFID TAG is read by the RFID reader, and the data is saved in the content management platform that Tenaris already uses. Lasting about three months, the pilot project has proven the efficacy of this solution: the FERRO II RFID TAG, as transponder, and the UHF FX7400 RFID Reader are the ideal tools to meet the client requirements.


Thanks to SYSTEM CODE’s RFID UHF TAG, today every department can send samples for analysis straight to the laboratory, inserting the samples in tagged cylinders. They are resistant to shock, dust, acid and high temperatures, making sure that data is transmitted intact and certifying their time of arrival and precise department of origin.

The existing Tenaris content management platform interfaces seamlessly and automatically with the data from the RFID reader, no need for modifications or upgrades.

Overall, Tenaris has improved the efficiency of its manufacturing system, increasing its performance levels thanks to the new automatic features and data tracking that SYSTEM CODE’s RFID technology provides.